My solutions to AoC
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J. Fernando Sánchez 34085c1c48 2021 rust day21 complete 2 months ago
2015/rust 2015 rust day21 6 months ago
2018 2018 rust day 25 6 months ago
2020/rust 2020 day24 complete 1 year ago
2021/rust 2021 rust day21 complete 2 months ago
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My solutions to the Advent of Code challenge. I mostly use AoC as a way to learn new languages, so don't expect quality or idiomatic code :)

So far I've done (in this order):

  • 2021 (Almost complete) in Rust.
  • 2020 (Complete) in Rust, with some Python code for some sanity checks.
  • 2018 (Complete) in Rust.
  • 2015 (42/50) in Rust. I took a long break, so the solutions use two different structures.
  • 2018 (mostly complete) in Go.