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This tool makes it easier to grade Moodle submissions that contain multiple individual image/pdf files.

It will merge the individual files into a single PDF per student. That PDF can then be annotated with general comments or with grading comments, which tell how many marks the student got in each section of the assignment. Grading comments start with a specific first line (GRADE or NOTA by default), and they are followed by a new line per section.

For instance, consider this annotation:

1.1 0.5
1.2 1.0
2 8.5

The student will get 10 marks (0.5+1.0+8.5) The results are stored per section (1.1, 1.2 and 2), so you can keep track of your progress. The bulk grading feature will show how many submissions have a grade for each specific section,

You may add more than one grading annotation per document. If the same section is graded more than once, bulkgrader will raise an exception.

You may specify the sections in advance. When a student has grades for all the sections specified, that student counts as fully graded.

Other text annotations can later be extracted as comments for the submission, but they are not used in this version.


  • Download all submissions to an assignment as a zip file
  • Extract all submissions
  • Run python --copy to copy all files
  • Run python --merge to merge all files. You might need to manually add file extensions (.jpg or .pdf)
  • Run python to start autograding with your program of choice

For every PDF, you'll want to add